The Nuru Pleasure Principal

When you’re in bed with your lovely lady, caressing her sweetly, kissing her madly and providing plenty of pleasure, you may be thinking, “what can I do to reach the next level of excitement?” And if you are like anyone in a committed relationship or even just someone who loves fickle flings, it is always nice to hear a louder cry of ecstasy, a longer sigh or see a bigger smile after her orgasm is reached.

So what can you do to help make a woman’s orgasm more pleasurable? There’s a long list of answers here, but there are a few that consistently top it off.

1. Delay the pleasure. That’s right – do what you can to enjoy the time together. Don’t head for the big “O” before it is absolutely necessary. Enjoy each other completely to the exclusion of everything else.

2. Creative foreplay. Be inventive, be playful, seek, discover and tantalize each other like never before. Kiss unseen pieces of your lover – like behind the neck or even a love bite on the bottom. Go there and many other places, all in the name of love!

3. Of course, the easiest answer is hitting the few primary “hot spots” that turn women on and drive your sex life into orbit. These include the clitoris and the infamous “G”-spot. Without exploring this in great detail, be sure to research these prized female stimulation locations and then do your damndest to caress and care for these special places until your woman climaxes like never before.

And how do you keep these top three lovemaking activities in play? Two words – Nuru massage.

Nuru massage is a full body-to-body sensual massage that’s performed between you and your lady with a unique type of slippery massage gel called Nuru Gel™ or, simply, Nuru™. Before the massage begins, pour generous amounts of the special gel all over the body of your woman. Go ahead and slide your body along hers, which will massage muscles and relive tension. You may even switch roles of masseure and massage recipient to make the session really interesting and arousing! The feeling of the remarkable massage gel is sensational and makes both bodies feel extra sexy. By the time you get to know more intimately by following steps #1, #2 and #3, her orgasm will reach epic proportions!

Nuru Nights…

Feeling a little rusty in the sack? Don’t we all. If you had to rate your overall sex life, what would you give it? An 8, a 5 or even a 1, perhaps? It’s hard to say what got you there – it could be anything, from just being exhausted because of your work-a-day world schedule to common complacency with your lover in the bedroom. Whatever the case may be, wouldn’t you rather feel absolutely amazing and connected to your partner every time that you make love – and make it a 10? I bet that you do. And if you do, then you’ll surely want to Nuru!

Oh, the night! A great time to let the day fall behind you and to enjoy the pleasure of fine wine, a wonderful meal and the your dearest lover. With Nuru, the ancient Japanese body-to-body massage ritual, you’ll grow closer and share more intimate moments than you’ve ever imagined.

Great love and lovemaking comes from how close we feel with those whom we love. And lovemaking – as many of us have learned from experience – requires a certain panache or sensitivity to our lover’s touch and timing. Foreplay is also an important part of reconnecting and making your life in bed better than ever. With Nuru massage, two lovers take ample amounts of the very slippery sensual Nuru Gel and slather it on one another’s entire bodies – from head to toe! From there, each lover slides and slips around slowly, caressing each corner of the other and feeling a certain level of intimacy likely not yet shared in the relationship. Often, in Nuru massage, partners switch places and provide the massage while the other receives – and vice versa. This helps to spice things up! Often, both partners are so aroused and have experienced so much steamy contact in new places that they begin to make passionate love.

With this amazing Nuru ritual and heightened level of connection to your lover, your love life will stay at a steady 10 for years to come.

Do you Nuru?

Do you Nuru? Do you know what Nuru is and what it can do you for you? If you answered “no” to those two questions, by the time that you finish this article and introduce Nuru into the realm of your senses, you will happily answer with an orgasmic “Yes!”

It all starts with Nuru Gel, a water-based, natural, sensual massage fluid that is derived some refined seaweed. It was initially cultivated, manufactured and used in Japan hundreds of years ago, but has now found its way to the U.S., where it is enjoying a remarkable popularity amongst those who are, shall we say, sensually aware. The slippery texture of the gel and its amazing cosmetic properties have been used to increase overall blood flow, while moisturizing and smoothing the skin.